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While cat fights will flare up with the "Basketball Wives" and Chilli promises a tiff with her sassy matchmaker on "What Chilli Wants," these new shows certainly aren't selling buzzworthy moments akin to "Flavor of Love" contestants spiting on each other or suddenly defecating on the floor. For me, I wanted to do my show in a way that I would be comfortable with, and I was very happy that VH1 was on the same page with me.

VH1 rethinks reality TV after incident

They did have a formula that has been working for them. Olde dismisses any past criticisms of "Flavor of Love" and its offspring, mostly produced by 51 Minds Entertainment, by calling the franchise ignited by black rapper Flavor Flav and his multiracial harem "big fun romantic comedies.

The evolution is already proving successful. These shows may potentially be less stereotypic because they present a different, higher status black image.

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Bill Graff, an analyst for cable media analysis firm CableU, says the strategy isn't a surefire winner. One thing that will change, though, better vetting of contestants.

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Annenberg's Jon Taplin says that's so another violent criminal doesn't get on, and possibly win. As a nonprofit news organization, what matters to us is the same thing that matters to you: Become a Marketplace Investor today — in whatever amount is right for you — and keep public service journalism strong.

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In January , it was announced that the show was canceled. On August 3, , VH1 announced the Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, later called simply Rehab with Dr.

Drew, is a reality television show that aired on the cable network VH1 which chronicles a group of people as they are treated Charm School with Ricki Lake - Season 1. One source notes that it This season Ray J will bring 19 women to see which one is the love of his life. The show premiered on April 26, , at It follows the lives of a group of women who have all been somehow romantically It chronicles the lives of a group of women who have all been somehow romantically linked to Tool Academy Tool Academy is a competitive reality television show featuring "unsuspecting bad boys" who have been sent to "relationship boot camp".

The contestants, all of whom have been One-Hit Wonders William Shatner One-Hit Wonders is a television series airing on VH1 featuring unsuccessful pop stars and those who were unable to get a big break into popular music.

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The series began airing on July 29, It is based on The Railway La La's Full Court Life Baseball Wives Anna Benson Baseball Wives is an American reality television series based around the wives and girlfriends of baseball players from various different teams. The series aired on VH1 and is set in Scottsdale, Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew is a VH1 reality television show that documents people being treated for sexual addiction by Dr.

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