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Busca y Conctate con tus Amigos en Facebook. December Matchmaking in 1. A few words about the way matchmaker works in War Thunder 1. Vdeo insertadoone of several issues post 1. Gallery of Video "War Thunder 1. One of the most dangerous aircraft in it's matchmaking bracket. World of Planes [v.

War Thunder that offer in update 1. Changes to the War Thunder research system in Patch 1. Father Christmas arrives a week early for keen War Thunderers, with Patch 1. Bethany Baptist Church War thunder matchmaking 1.

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Ich finde das Matchmaking aktuell auch nicht unbedingt perfekt, insbesondere. Jingles gaming war thunder patch 1 the Mk.


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Battles are regularly updated, so the team composition options also change. A relatively broad but simple matchmaking method. Can be done differently for every tournament. For more about tournament rules and actual battles, go to https: Going further, there used to be other custom matchmaking types apart from matchmaking by BR and vehicle ranks:.

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As an example for this type of battle, let's have a look at the missions from "Events and Tournaments". Matchmaking for this mode is made only from the vehicles that were specially selected for every mission. This type of Matchmaking allows developers to carefully reconstruct historical events from different battlegrounds, while paying attention to power balance. This also aims for the creation alternative history missions and holding events with a number of possible finals.

Sessions are made from all vehicles allowed, without looking at BR or vehicle ranks.

An Introduction to War Thunder - Matchmaking

Teams can have different numbers of players, and that is also controlled in the mission settings. The exact matchmaking settings for every mission can be obtained from the mission descriptions shown in the in-game client for each mission in the "Events and Tournaments" list. All missions in this mode have different difficulty levels and can have a mix of ground and air vehicles. Matchmaking is able to create sessions depending on a player's personal skills level, and that's an important feature of the game. This type of matchmaking fits to 'duel' and 'sparring' forms of battle tournaments and challenges, where personal expertise plays a key role in success.

Creating a session based on player personal rankings allows to equalize forces of teams, squadrons, and particular players, and makes sessions more fair and attractive. Rating battles of all types do not have mutual effect, meaning that player rating gained in one mode will not affect other rating battle modes. Player rating can also be reset after a corresponding tournament or event ending. Squadron battles are a subset of rating battles.

The key difference here is that matchmaking is made by teammate average scores, taken as the arithmetical mean of all teammate ratings. To participate in this type of battle, one needs to be a part of squadron clan. A player's personal rating is calculated from his personal battle results for clan events, and 'only' clan events.

The initial player rating is 0. In case of victory, the player's rating is recalculated as if it was , and in case of failure, the player rating changes from that current rating value so that it can be lower than Map Rotation refers to the chance one has to be placed into a game on one or another location, depending on pre-determined conditions. In War Thunder, there is only one such condition - the rank of your chosen ground vehicles. Suppose you play with the T, being a tank of the first rank.

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In this case, you will only be able to get into battles on locations that are specifically selected for vehicles of the first rank. If your vehicle lineup comprises of vehicles with several different ranks, the rotation of locations will then work pursuant to the highest ranked vehicle within your lineup. Therefore, if your lineup has both the T and T, your battles will occur in accordance with the category of locations provided for the vehicles of rank IV. The need for the rotation of maps revolves around map size, as well as gameplay complexity.

The bigger and more difficult a location is in terms of gameplay, the more experienced should those players which are to battle upon it be. Below you can see detailed tables, divided by game modes, listing all locations for ground battles and the corresponding ranks of ground vehicles for which those locations are designed:. Locations for ground vehicles BR 1. Retrieved from " http: Game mechanics Game modes. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.