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Jacqueline, age 25, has revealed in OK! Aside from dedicating time to her family, here's what else the mum-to-be has hinted is in the pipeline post-Albert Square:. Taking to Twitter, the 25 year old wrote to her k followers: Fans were quick to both express their excitement at the notion and flood her with questions. If you could have written a storyline for Lauren what would it been about? On Twitter, she wrote: I landed on the same place twice!

Lauren's Pity Date Exposed - EastEnders - BBC

Mexico is calling my name!! Jacqueline Jossa posted this on Instagram and it read: On the BBC soap, she most recently tweeted: There is so much more to come! Christmas is on its way!

EastEnders' Lauren Branning Turns Back To The Bottle After Ex Joey Branning Dates Lucy Beale

Those are the scenes and people I am going to miss!! Could Jacqueline Jossa be stepping back from her EastEnders role be stepping back to spend time with her family, daughter Ells and husband Dan [Instagram]. Speaking of moving on from the soap, jacqueline told OK! Abi has not regained consciousness since the accident, and her father Max has refused to accept his daughter's fate. But next week, the Brannings are told nothing more can be done for Abi, and Lauren Jacqueline Jossa is seen getting tough with her dad as the reality of the situation dawns on her.

Max then resorts to desperate measures to try and save Abi — but a nurse intervenes and shares her own experience with heartbroken Max, which eventually calms him down. Adding further to his pain, however, Max takes delivery of a package for his dying daughter during Thursday's episode — a cot for her newborn baby girl.

EastEnders reveals Abi Branning's exit date

Max throws himself into building the cot for his tiny granddaughter, only for his grief to catch up with him and he ends up angrily destroying it in front of shocked Dot and Jack. Jacqueline Jossa opens up about EastEnders exit for the first time. Lauren Branning will be seen struggling with her own grief. Lauren is distraught when Abi's life support is withdrawn. Before Abi's funeral, Lauren lies to Max that it has already taken place because Tanya does not want him there, however, he realises it is a lie. On the day of the funeral, Lauren tells Whitney about her planned move to Scotland with Josh and Whitney asks her to be sure that she actually loves him or if she is only with him because he is good with Louie.

After the service, she sees Max going into the chapel and tells him that she needs to leave, before hugging him and crying. Lauren then takes Louie from Josh and walks away without him. Cora later reveals that Lauren has moved to New Zealand, possibly reuniting with Peter. Lauren is described by the BBC website as an "outsider" and "doesn't care what people think".

She's learnt the hard way that secrets destroy people. And this has made her vulnerable. Lauren Branning was introduced in by executive producer Kate Harwood. It was announced in May that Lauren would be played by actress Madeline Duggan. On 9 May it was announced that Duggan had been axed from the soap by executive producer Bryan Kirkwood and that she had already filmed her exit scenes. In August , it was announced that the character would be returning later in the year, now played by Jacqueline Jossa.

I've always been a massive fan of the show and it's a dream come true. The character of Lauren Branning will be really fun to play and there are some exciting things coming up". Jacqueline's portrayal of Lauren has all the classic Branning qualities of toughness, cynicism and sensitivity. Jacqueline is set to be at the heart of Walford drama for some time to come". Jossa's first appearance was on 27 September When I first started I got really scared and worked up, thinking everyone's going to hate me.

They've been there four years and then I'm coming in to be their daughter - it was a bit surreal. And then two weeks later I felt completely comfortable, everyone was cracking jokes and I thought, 'Oh I built it up a bit! Lauren's primary storylines concerned a school girl romance with Peter Beale Thomas Law , a friendship with the delinquent Lucy Beale Melissa Suffield , and being caught in the middle of her warring parents, who separated in the serial in when Tanya discovered Max was cheating on her with Stacey Slater Lacey Turner , Lauren's half brother Bradley 's wife.

In the storyline, Lauren played an integral part in the discovery of the affair; as a result of a practical joke, Lauren unwittingly recorded Max and Stacey kissing on video camera, and sent the recording to Bradley as a Christmas present in December as means of revenge on her father.

The character became involved in one of EastEnders' most controversial storylines in , when she was groomed by a paedophile , Tony King Chris Coghill. However, in a plot twist, it was revealed that Tony was already in a sexual relationship with Bianca's year-old stepdaughter Whitney Dean Shona McGarty. After losing interest in Whitney, Tony turns his attentions to year-old Lauren. In April , it was announced that Lauren is to have a relationship with already established character, Ryan Malloy.

Max is certainly someone not to mess with. He's already very protective of his daughters and Ryan isn't exactly his favourite person after his relationship with Stacey, who Max will always hold a torch for.

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Jossa explained that upon Lauren finding out about Tanya's cancer, viewers see a different side to Lauren. You'd expect her to dive into the drink again or something like that, but she's right there for Tanya from the minute she finds out what's going on. Tanya's really vulnerable at that point and it's Lauren who's saying, 'We're going to fix this and everything will be fine'.

Actress Lorna Fitzgerald is leaving the BBC soap after 12 years

She's there for her mum the whole time - shopping, cooking, cleaning, looking after Abi and Oscar. She really wants to help Tanya and actually enjoys the responsibility. In January , Jossa praised her storyline in which Lauren starts binge drinking due to the stress of her mother suffering from cancer. Jossa commented on the storyline saying that teenagers should take binge drinking more seriously. It highlights that teenagers who people label irresponsible could be doing it to deal with worries they are keeping to themselves. What they actually need is help or someone to talk to. At first to Lauren drinking was a laugh.

Then it became a way of forgetting - she has carried the burden of keeping her mum's illness secret. They would make such a cute couple. Jossa predicted in November that Lauren will revert to her old ways after her latest relationship break-up. A huge amount of what we're seeing now is to do with what's been going on with her parents for such a long time. It's a tough one covering the issue of binge drinking because inevitably, in order for it to have sufficient impact, it has to go on for a considerable amount of time.

There's a real danger that it will become unpalatable and that you won't have too much empathy for the character. In March , it was revealed that Lauren is to have her drink spiked by her friend Lucy Beale. He's there for her and feels very protective. The more time they spend together the more they start to realise their feelings for each other are not just that of cousins. The insider said that it is a powerful force and that the attraction between them is so strong that it will take something huge to "stop them jumping into bed". It's going to be a huge storyline for us in a few weeks' time, so it's definitely one for the fans to watch out for.

Lauren is later dumped by Joey after Derek blackmails him.

If Joey takes either of those options, Derek won't tell the police that Lauren was driving the car. Joey's love for Lauren is massive, but not quite as massive as his hatred for Derek.

He decides to become the villain and lie that he never loved her. He'll take the flack because that will make it easier for her to move on without him. It would all end in tears. Everyone would find out as Lauren's the sort of person who'd blurt everything out, and it would cause even more of a mess. Joey very much thinks he's doing the right thing. We always support each other and Jacqueline always asks me how it looks.

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But it is part of our job. On 10 September , it was announced that Jossa had been axed from the show by executive consultant John Yorke , along with Lorna Fitzgerald. An official spokesperson said: They have been wonderful to work with and we wish them all the best for the future. Following Jossa's first appearance, Lauren started appearing in her own internet spin-off series, Lauren's Diaries , and a second series started in Inside Soap commented on Lauren's recasting describing Lauren played by Duggan was "a pretty lass, but pretty unimpressive" and that played by Jossa she has acquired "an attitude as severe as her fringe".

It's well-deserved recognition of Jacqueline's beautiful, truthful and moving portrayal of Lauren Branning. Robb , who portrays Moira Dingle in Emmerdale. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Like her mum, she is a quick judge of character but can also be sardonic, cynical and dry, just like her dad.

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