First trimester dating scan

First Trimester / Dating Ultrasound

The person performing the scan is called a sonographer. You may need to have a full bladder for this scan, as this makes the ultrasound image clearer. You can ask your midwife or doctor before the scan if this is the case.

Find out more about what happens during a pregnancy ultrasound scan. Some abnormalities may also be detected at this scan, such as neural tube defects spina bifida is a type of neural tube defect. Screening for Down's syndrome will happen at the dating scan if:. The screening test for Down's syndrome used at this stage of pregnancy is called the "combined test".

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It involves a blood test and measuring the fluid at the back of the baby's neck nuchal translucency with an ultrasound scan. This is sometimes called a nuchal translucency scan.

Why would I have a dating scan?

The nuchal translucency measurement can be taken during the dating scan. During the structural scan, the thickness of this fluid space can be measured precisely and this is known as the NT measurement. An increase in the NT measurement or absence of a nasal bone, or the presence of other anatomical markers does not always mean a baby has a problem, but they do increase the possibility, and this would be discussed with you. This maternal blood test in the Combined First Trimester Screening incorporates two serum proteins or markers.

Introduction to Transvaginal Ultrasound Scanning-Part II

The levels of these naturally occurring proteins are known to change with certain conditions including chromosomal abnormalities. At present this blood test is not used alone to calculate risk, and must be combined with the structural anatomy ultrasound. This information will be taken into account in deciding on the frequency of your antenatal visits and ultrasound surveillance. Pregnancy will then be monitored accordingly. This blood test is best taken between 10 and 13 weeks gestation. However, a low risk result is reassuring that the baby is healthy. A high risk result does not always mean the baby definitely has a chromosomal problem.

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However, the risk is increased and further definitive testing would be discussed. The ultrasound scan alone can detect approx. However, detection is improved by combining the ultrasound features and serum protein markers, with approx. Pre-eclampsia is a condition unique to pregnancy that is associated with the development of high blood pressure after 20 weeks gestation. Pre-eclampsia can affect the health of a mother, placental function and the growth and wellbeing of the baby in utero.

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Like every other health professional, individual skill, expertise and training make a big difference to the outcome of their assessments. When you are first referred for a seven week ultrasound, the first of many types of ultrasound , ask your GP or maternity care provider who has the best reputation for quality scan results. You may also like to ask your friends who have had a positive experience and to see who they would recommend in terms of having firsthand experience. When an ultrasound is done between weeks of pregnancy, gestational weeks are considered as being within 10 days of accuracy.

There are many reasons why not.

How is a dating scan performed?

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