Did cooke and ct hook up

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Why did Cooke and Diem hate eachother so intensively and what went down that they left Rivals II so bitter? From what I remember Diem was already acting a little wonky due to the meds she was on for her cancer but beyond that I think Cooke had a flirty relationship with CT that Diem didn't like.


Cooke Claims She and CT Didn't Hook Up On 'Rivals II,' But Do You Believe Her? [Video] - MTV

Cooke was cool with a lot of the guys in the house and Diem accused her of playing the game with her looks. It was a radical hysterectomy that put her through menopause. She was literally going through menopause on the show. Cooke seems like the kind of girl to be like "I just get along better with guys, I have a lot of guy friends, girls are just too much drama!

This isn't a hard and fast rule, but typically the case.

Did ct hook up with cooke

Diem was going through a lot, being on meds, dealing with life, and then the person she hated the most made the final where she was going to final elimination. If you didn't know, Diem had lost on the final elimination for the Duel 2 and Fresh Meat 2, while losing on the second to last one on Duel 1. From Diem she was going through chemo for the 3rd time I believe during this timeframe and menopause due to it so that's what caused her hectic state, I believe. Cooke felt that Diem was really fake. To be fair she was kind of annoying that season. Also I think Diem was intimidated by Cooke cause she was such a strong competitor.

What's interesting about this is that Cooke's partner was Cara but I guess everyone still hated Cara at the time so she never got in with the vets. Cara wasn't good at all that season either, she was dead weight in a lot of dailies and on the final. This was during the time frame where every challenge was in the water or included it and Cara couldn't swim well. Other than that Cara did fine. She was the sole reason the won they're only daily win at the end and secured their spot in the final.

She did more than her share in the eliminations. She also wasn't dead weight in the final besides the beginning swimming portion. It was just Paula crushed the eating portion beating everyone even guys so they never had a chance.

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Cara was dead weight that season compared to her other appearances. Especially in the final. Cooke had to keep bitching to Cara to keep up with her and stop her whining. Cooke carried that team.

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Diem was always nuts. Yes, the "menopause," or whatever it was, made her act a tiny bit more hysterical, but the new girls saw through it. They just didn't like her. Cooke was the most opinionated about it. Regardless of an alleged hookup with CT, she saw straight through Diem's facade, plain and simple. Diem that season was completely different, and it's almost entirely because she was going through menopause at such a young age.

As I said, Diem was always a nutcase.

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  7. She appeared no different to me on Rivals II, only a notch up from the norm. After each body bag has been removed, a sign at the bottom of the pile will instruct each team to dig into the ground and retrieve a treasure chest that will contain the fourth idol. At the fifth and final checkpoint, "Tunnel Vision," each team must dig a tunnel that will lead underneath a cage consisting of bamboo poles, with the final idol located inside the cage.

    CT and Diem talk about their relationship

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Prior to the elimination round, host T. Lavin stated in the rules that each partner was required to alternate breaking through floors; however, Zach broke through the first two floors. Cooke stated that she received a nasty tweet from Cara Maria, prior to Cara Maria's entry into the competition. Sarah was sent home because she was left without a partner. The Island Episode 5 "Ev vs. Rivals II Episode 6: Rivals II Episode 7: Rivals II Episode 8: Rivals II Episode 9: Dirty 30 Champs vs.

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